bandwagon jumping.

by Liz on 04.21

I resisted, but I’m totally obsessed with Flashdance. I know it’s pretty much the new wedding blog craze, but come on. How friggin hot are those photos and those beats.

This has sparked my latest stroke of genius…

Fiance and I have foregone our quirky artsy ways to have a pretty traditional, classic wedding. I skipped out on the H&M sequined minidress and feathered fascinator in favor of a floor length gown and cathedral veil. He agreed to the live jazz band and floral invites rather than Diplo and concert posters. We both knew we’d have to consider our parents in this. Particularly after they started throwing cash at us.


After party. Hullo.

We don’t need to have all the fun at the reception… we can have the stodgy celebration, do a quick change, and head out to the real party after. We have DJ friends who would totally do it for cheap free and pals who own a bar who’d definitely let us use the place.

Which also means I can buy that sequined dress.


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