decision week.

by Liz on 04.12

Alright, enough! By the end of this week, I am determined to have venue(s)/catering and photography squared away. The last few weeks, I really tried to dive headfirst into wedding planning, and it turned into more of a nosedive. No more.

To kick it all off, tomorrow night is engagement celebration dinner: me, fiance, and both sets of parents at Twenty Manning.

We didn’t have an engagement party… as much as I love throwing parties, it just didn’t seem like the time for a superfluous gift-demanding occasion. So, we opted for a much more low-key, intimate type of celebration evening, which’ll hopefully accomplish a few things…

[1] Parentals get to know one another.
[2] We all get to discuss finances.

Obviously, there’s plenty of room for disaster on both accounts. But yummy food and strong drinks certainly can’t hurt.

So the question is… what should I wear??

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