two steps forward, three steps back.

by Liz on 04.29

I’m finally hitting that point where I’m sure of what I want. Up until now, I had a pretty good idea, but every wedding show, blog and magazine with any cute idea would make me rethink and second guess.

I’m getting to that nice place where I can say, “That’s cute. But i still like what I’m doing.”


Meanwhile, lordy is it hard to find an affordable venue/caterer in Philly. What the eff. We’ve found ways to skirt expense in every other area of our planning, but when it comes to the food and venue, it’s an all or nothing sort of thing. The affordable caterers offer baked ziti on paper plates. The caterers with awesome food want one of my legs and my firstborn child.

The most difficult part is that we really wanted a unique venue (fully knowing that it would cost more than your typical hotel ballroom or state park). But the unique venues don’t have enough room for all of our guests.

Our current choice is Stotesbury Mansion.

It’s in Rittenhouse (which is what we were shooting for), and I think it has a sorta glamorous feel, no? We’re clinging to a threadbare hope that they’ll let us barter with them, and in exchange for letting us use the place, Fiance can redo their atrocious website. (seriously, look at that thing.)

Meanwhile, I was reluctant to show you this because I don’t want you to outbid me!

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