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by Liz on 05.25

It’s getting rough. Less than 5 months away, and still no venue. I don’t even want to think about wedding anything. With the big decisions still looming, and little snags holding up everything, it’s impossible to know what to think.

Luckily, bridesmaid dress shopping was a ball. Seriously, a dream. The girls were awesome about everything: no frustration, no discouragement, and no disagreement.

I made a brunch of omelets, bagels and fresh fruit for the girls, then we went out for what turned into an eight hour long shopping trip. And we all enjoyed ourselves the whole time. I’m in awe. It was like a full day of hanging out with my favorite people, and we just so happened to buy bridesmaid dresses along the way.

Great October color: check.
Flattering on everyone/ liked by everyone: check, check.
Perfect length: check.
Wear-again-able: check.
On sale for $42: check!

After, we all went to a club to celebrate (including chocolate cake shots in honor of the chocolate colored dresses). It takes a real trooper to spend all day shopping, then throw on a halter top and heels for a night out. That’s my girls.

In other news, I’m tired of preachy bridal bloggers. I’m purging my reader of them now.

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