confession #2.

by Liz on 06.07

I knew from the start that I wanted blue shoes. I thought I had made up the idea of wearing blue shoes to a wedding, but then started to find pictures of white-bedecked-brides with bright blue satin pumps in every wedding magazine and blog. Bummer.

Still. As a girl who will rock head-to-toe (er…ankle) black paired with bright red shoes… kick-in-the-face shoes were a must.

Sides. That would take care of my “something blue.”


Not gonna lie, kids.

I bought fakes.

I’d like to sit here an tell you I dropped $800 on real Louboutins. But that would sorta remove the “on the cheap” part of Chic on the Cheap, now wouldn’t it?

And they look so gorgeous with the white fishnet. Srsly.

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