happy friday.

by Liz on 06.26

My world is much less stressed since the dawning of this dessert reception idea.*

Now, it’s just a matter of narrowing down which church we’ll be using. We’ve found a few beauties, but I’m being picky about silly little things like center aisles and ugly carpet.

Eventually, I’ll get over myself.

But until then, the search for a well-carpeted center aisle continues.

I have my hopes pinned on one in particular that we have yet to see: the church in which my parents were married 25 years ago. It’s a bit of a surprise, though, so don’t tell.

(my way hip parents, circa late 70’s)

Now, to bed, to rest up for a Saturday full of church visits and flea market finds.

*I’ve been finding out that many folks my parents’ age had dessert receptions for their weddings. I guess back in the early 80’s, buffet lines and open bars weren’t the norm that they are now.

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