by Liz on 06.10

Some things in wedding planning are absolutely surreal. There have been a few times when the fact that we’re getting married, hits me in the face.

One such time: buying the rings.

Fiance dropped a load of cash on my gorgeous, fabulous engagement ring. Though I’d begged him not to while we were dating, I can’t say I’m sorry he did. I’m not really a glitzy, high-maintenance kind of girl. But oh man. Sometimes I just sit and stare at this little chunk of platinum and diamond on my left hand. And the terrific boy already has the thing paid off.

I’m spoiled.

Sigh. I digress.

When it came to the wedding bands, he wanted to again, spare no expense. I convinced him that we could find awesome rings at a discount place. Sure nuff, we found the daintiest white gold band for me, and a big, rugged titanium band for him. Grand total: $140. No joke.

So, we scored an awesome deal, checked another thing off the “to-do”, and had one of those “Whoooa. This is actually happening moments.” All in one stop.

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