oh dear.

by Liz on 06.08

So, just when I thought we were getting things settled, another venue has jumped into the running.

Seriously, guys? I mean. It’s nice to have options, but it was so much simpler when there was only one venue I liked.

In summary:

[1] After three months of planning, with only four months to go, it is utterly killing me that we don’t have the major details nailed down.

[2] Only four months out, it’s unlikely that a venue will fill a Sunday night slot. Such being the case, venues are willing to chop literally thousands off of their normal fees for us. Because a budget wedding is better than no wedding at all.

[3] Moral of the story: You can wait til the last minute for the major decisions and get a great deal if you pick a wedding “off” night.

[4] I still would rather have this stuff figured out than save the ton of money.

So, option B is a newish venue but it’s in Center City… bringing us back to the original dream. (remember?) It also has a sort of artsy vibe that totally suits Fiance and me.

Oh, the decisions. The agony.

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