the ol’ switcheroo.

by Liz on 06.22

I approached fiance with the latest plan last week and he sighed, “We can’t keep changing things around like this.”

Unfortunately, we have to keep changing things around. Until we find a plan we can afford.

I recently blogged about two different awesome, awesome venues. Both of them gorgeous, and generous. They each drastically chopped their prices to accommodate us, and were terrifically helpful.

But in the end, even with all of that help, we would still need to take out a whopping loan. (Remember, we have a pretty lofty financial goal.) Which we were both okay with, sure. But we were so settling.

No, it wasn’t the fact that we were going into debt that bothered me. It was the fact that we were taking out a loan for something we didn’t necessarily want. I felt like we were having a boring, yawntastic, prom-style wedding. And if we wanted to go with either venue debt-free, we would need to start chopping the guest list.

People are important.

Chicken marsala is not.

So, ta-da! The latest (and hopefully last) plan: the dessert reception.

[1] Fun.
[2] Different.
[3] Room for creativity, uniqueness, and personalization.
[4] Still possibly chic, swanky and sophisticated.
[5] Way friggin cheap.

I’ll be sure to post all of my brainstorming behind this tomorrow.

PS: If you’re attentive and remember this post where my mom was opposed to the cocktail reception, you may be wondering about her thoughts on this even less traditional route. No worries, she’s 100% on board! And she’s already helped me with menu-planning!

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