catching up.

by Liz on 07.08

Being unemployed* is so very time-consuming. Obv. Sorry I’ve neglected you.

This hasn’t impeded my shopping abilities, of course (it’s therapeutic, no?) so I’ve been knocking out a few errands. Buying vases (who knew?), fabric, ribbon, photo frames, and other odds and ends that will be pieced together into a lovely reception. Eventually.

Cupcake cups.

(via Lulu’s Cupcake Boutique)

(via Cute Cups)

Rubber address stamp.

(via Paperwink)

I don’t know if there’s anything that feels as good as checking off things on the almighty “to-do.”

*Speaking of unemployed… as a result of the disastrous layoff from his boring desk job, a few folks found out that Josh’s original career choice is design. Long story short, looks like he may be heading to the West Coast for a bit to freshen up his design skills, gratis.


I love that he’s turned getting fired into making his beloved side-work into full-time profession.

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