by Liz on 07.10

Let me introduce you to my kindred spirit.

Ta da.

(found via A Practical Wedding).

For those with short attention spans, the highlights:

“…that meant a six month engagement, which is pretty quick by today’s standards. Several people have asked if I’m pregnant, which is not only incredibly gauche but also illogical; six months is the exact WRONG amount of time to be engaged if one is hiding a pre-nupitial pregnancy. Also, why would you plan something like a wedding if you couldn’t drink while doing it?”

Hell, yeah, six month engagements!

“…One can follow micro-trends as they whip across the country in weddings from coast to coast. For example, the fake mustache. Fake mustaches had a cultural moment a couple of years ago, but they are still going strong in the wedding world. Lots of brides and grooms holding up mustaches on sticks.”

Ah, yes. Mustaches, bicycles, and balloons.*

*Despite being both punk rawk and snarky enough to snort at all things trendy, I will be having a candy buffet complete with apothecary jars. Just wanted to get that out there in the interest of full disclosure.

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