the dress hunt begins again.

by Liz on 07.27

Dinner details are (almost) squared away for the wedding day.

Since we’re having a dessert reception, we’re taking the bridal party and anyone traveling (which is all just family anyway) out to dinner.

I really feel so spoiled. I’ve got the best of both worlds here. I get to invite all of the many, many people I want to an awesome (yet distinct and un-prom-y) party. And I also get to enjoy an intimate, relaxed dinner with just the nearest-and-dearest.

So, for low-key-dinner-reception, I obviously won’t be wearing a wedding gown. And since I’m a super cheeseball, I obviously want to wear white. So, I’ve been digging around for a cute, white cocktail dress.

Somebody buy these, please. I would, if I had any glimmer of hope that they’d fit.

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