by Liz on 07.23

So the flower situation resolved itself.

In that I got overly excited and antsy after settling on the church, and decided every last wedding detail needed to be handled now. Then I stayed up until 2am ironing hankies, addressing envelopes and ordering candy.

And I also determined to just effing get the flowers.

(silk peony and mums)

(silk garden rose and waxflowers)

(my bouquet: silk hydrangeas, mums, and waxflowers)


They look better in person, I swear it (due in part to my crappy camera, and in part to my crappy photography).

My biggest concern is the fakeness. Obviously fake flowers won’t look real. But they can look less-fake and more-real. Do they look very very fake? Should I just calm down and take a nap?

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