by Liz on 07.15

We’re doing The Test Cake this week.

I planned on baking the cake myself, and doing one or two (or ten) test runs. (“Oh no. We have ten extra wedding cakes laying around…? Whatever will we do…“)

Luckily, my mom swooped in and adopted it as her pet project, and I was more than willing to hand it over to her much-more-capable hands.

But now that lady keeps insisting on plastic columns.

(via Wilton)

We’ve had a number of discussions on the things, and every time she acts as if it’s a brand new idea, and I never nixed it before. I started to worry about early onset Alzheimers, til I caught her trying to sneak them into the cart under the baking pans. She gave a sheepish smile and said, “Maybe just leetle ones?”

So here’s hoping for a plastic-column-free cake.

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