by Liz on 08.28

These have been done and mailed for awhile. I’ve been slow in posting because my craptastic digital doesn’t do them justice (if I may say so myself. And I may. Cause this is my blog.)

One day I’ll stop apologizing for giving you atrocious pictures, and just buy myself a new (read: not from the mid-90’s) camera, but until then…

my fanciest handwriting. (In that awful “brown” ink.)
my vintage stamps. (read: I’masucker.)

You can tell that the invitation was supposed to be held the other way… vertically, I guess.
But I thought that was boring.
So, we flipped it, put the fun part ( the “you’re invited to our wedding” part)
on the exposed side of the insert…

…and then when you pull it out, all of the nitty gritty details. (date, time, place)

I’m not really a frou frou, flowers and pink kinda girl.
But the flowers on this invite look like vintagey illustrations,
and (though I’m sure you can’t tell) are in sorta fall-ish tones.
What looks like pink on here is sort of a peach in person. The rest of the font is gold.
So sorry you can’t see the pretty fonts. We used Chopin Script for our names, Engravers for the emphasized words (like “wedding”) and Copperplate for everything else.

Not too shabby for $12-a-box-Target-invitations, eh?

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