33 days.

by Liz on 09.07

Just about one month to go, and I’m flipping out. I can’t believe I’m already collecting RSVP’s and planning final fittings. It’s blowing my mind.

I haven’t done anything wedding-related, really, in weeks. In my OCD little way, I to-do-list-ed my butt off as soon as possible, and just about everything is done. So, I’ve been sorta chill… just enjoying this special time with Josh, soaking up time with my family before I move out, and planning marriage stuff (as opposed to wedding stuff).

this little one is winning me back to mustache-on-a-stick
(via bluebird vintage)

As a result of this wedding hiatus, I get a little panicky quickening-of-the-pulse when the wedding comes up. I feel like I should be doing something… like, the wedding day is going to creep up on me, and I’ll suddenly realize I forgot to do something major and I’ll be up all night with a glue gun or hand mixer or something.

Luckily, the school year starts tomorrow. I’ll be too busy discussing Oedipus and John Proctor to really think much about favors and flowers.

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