by Liz on 09.21

Less than a month, kids. It’s unreal.

I’m starting a life with someone. The thought preoccupies me at all times.

Tomorrow, is the final dress-fitting. I’m nervous. As you’re well aware, I’m not super thrilled with the dress. I’m sort of hoping that having it actually fit me will make me fall in love.

If not, at least I have hot shoes. What else really matters?

Josh, too, is coming along. Not to see the dress (God forbid) but to have his dinner jacket tailored.

It already, of course, looks awesome on him. But, he has really broad shoulders and chest, but a sort of fit, slender build, so we need to get the jacket nipped in at the waist.

Life’s rough.

And just when I was getting bored with my cathedral and birdcage veils, I found this:

But you and I both know I couldn’t pull it off the way this flawless beauty does.

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