more veils.

by Liz on 11.23

I had two.

Gross, right? I’m so self-indulgent.

I planned to DIY a birdcage veil for when I swapped out the cathedral-length (which, by the way, is really annoying to wear in the wind).

But, yikes. It was impossible. I tried about eight times until, 1 week before the wedding, I made the best decision possible and ordered one from my favorite veil queen (and fun blogger), one little dove. (sometimes you need to vote in favor of sanity over crafty frugality.)

Not only did this amazing lady custom-design a little birdcage (I didn’t know what kind to order, so she made one based only on what she knew about my tastes) but she did it in one week. Hot damn.


(photos by Love Me Do)

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