music mishap.

by Liz on 11.09

We faced just about all of the cliched wedding issues possible.

But the only true disaster of the day was the music.

Like I anticipated.

The band we had hired in April cut out two weeks before the wedding.

We called a friend who had connections to a great jazz band known through the Philly jazz club scene.

We set things up with them through a couple of looong phone calls and very specific emails. I didn’t wanna have to THINK during the reception.

The day of, some random band we’d never met showed up. In jeans and sneakers. With zero knowledge about anything discussed in those phone calls and emails.

Apparently our band was offered a better paying gig. To cover their asses, they called these guys the day of and said, “hey, you hafta play here.” These guys didn’t even know it was a wedding, let alone any of the specifics.

– There was no mic.

– They had no idea about any announcements, and had never even heard of “our song.”

– They played keyboard-jazz Stevie Wonder rather than the agreed-upon piano-jazz Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

So, we walked into our wedding reception, and I threw out every idea we had planned. We nixed it all… the traditional bouquet/garter crap, the planned dances and songs… everything.

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