the cake.

by Liz on 11.06

I didn’t have grandiose visions for our cake (just kinda wanted it to taste good).


(Love Me Do Photography)

Gorgeous, right? Vanilla cake with layers of lemon curd and rasberries… HEAVEN. (I know “curd” is one of those gross sounding words, but trust me. It’s like lemonjellywonderfulness.)

…Here’s what you can’t tell.

The cake is leaning so far forward, it’s just about falling off the stand. The day of the wedding, we had to decide if we should ditch it and buy a sheet cake so it wouldn’t collapse on some small child. But I just couldn’t give up on it, knowing all the hard work my dear mom put into it.

(I know you can’t tell… Did I mention our photographers are awesome?)

PS: It didn’t kill any children.

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