by Liz on 09.02


I miss you guys.

My new job has every website ever invented EVER blocked. Or something.

Don’t worry- by next week, most of the students will have figured out how to get around it, and I’ll ask them for a hack.

My little ninth graders were appropriately petrified and adorable for the first day. We’ll see how long I can keep them that way. (I can have a VERY intimidating teacher face, I swear)

Teaching is so weird. I’m really… proud, I guess… of being a teacher. And I think it’s because I’m so proud of my students. They carefully piece together their own opinions as I sit and watch the wheels turn. I love it.

But when I tell people I’m a teacher, I’m reminded by their LOOK that teaching isn’t really a big deal. It’s not super-respected in our culture, and is more of a default, fallback, if-you-can’t-find-anything-else job.


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