babies are scary.

by Liz on 07.25

Adjusting to being a Mom is pretty wild.

I guess it’s kind of like becoming a Wife- you have a general, stereotypical sense of what’s expected of you, but you never know how you’ll fit into that role until you try.

The only difference is, this Mom stuff involves a whole nother person that you’ve never even met. I didn’t know much about being a Wife before I got married- but I knew Josh. And I knew how Josh and I interact as a couple. So I figured it would be something like that, only maybe plus an apron and a possible casserole. Oh, and sex.

The Mom transition was scary. All capital letters- SCARY. I didn’t know what the hell I would be like as a Mom- particularly as I kind of suck at taking care of my cat. (sorry again for locking you out last night, Salvador). I’m not very old or super mature. I don’t know the answers to life’s questions. Aren’t these things the requirements? Not to mention, I’ve never even MET this person floating in my belly. How will I know what s/he likes to eat? Better yet, how will I know when s/he’s hungry? I don’t even know the appropriate pronoun for this person, and I’m supposed to sustain his/her LIFE?

It’s kind of insane.

But, just like being a Wife, once it happens the transition is so gradual and natural that the scariness seems almost silly in retrospect.

So this week, I want to talk about how Babies Are Scary. And how, as it turns out, they’re kind of… not.

What scares you about babies?

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