last week, cont.

by Liz on 08.02

Remember how we talked about some of the ways Babies Are Scary last week?

The conversation is continuing over at A Practical Wedding today! I’m sure those smart ladies have a buttload of wisdom to add, so get over there already.

Meanwhile, I’ll probably give the Babies Are Scary thing a break. During the whole messy process of becoming a mom, things would happen and I would think, “Wow, I didn’t expect THAT. I wish someone would’ve told me it happens that way…” I don’t want to drone on about my pregnancy and birth and postpartum stuff. There’s a lot of gross, personal, and weird information that you would probably just rather not read about.

But maybe there IS some stuff you DO wanna know. So this is just an open call for any questions anyone has about what the whole “having a baby” thing was like. I don’t know what you want to read. So I’m not gonna write about it. But in the off chance that you’re DYING to know what an epidural is like or what happens when you try to breastfeed, shoot me an email and I’ll write about it.

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