blogging, pt 2.

by Liz on 10.12

Last week’s self-indulgent survey (I really was looking for constructive criticism and instead you all go being flattering and wonderful) elicited a response that stuck with me a bit.

One comment suggested that perhaps I should write for myself, not for readers. It stung- in a way that made me flush with shame. Am I just trying to cater to a crowd, rather than create something? (no need to dig through the comments for the author- it was a dear one who didn’t intend to guilt me)

I have deep-seated doormattish tendencies. I am a natural-born people-pleaser. I remember a time when much of what I did was motivated by, “Will they like me?” Things have changed, but I sometimes worry that those same old impulses will slip back in. That’s the fear that was snapped awake by that comment. Am I yet again insipidly trying to cater to others- altering who I am and what I do to please a crowd?

Also, I think this question is always a bit sharper in any realm of the arts- and yes, bear with me, I’m lumping blogging in with “arts.” Any creative endeavor is easily seen as either sincere OR as placating an audience- rarely both an honest expression that ALSO appeals to a crowd.

But after some mulling, I don’t know that that’s the case in this situation. I don’t just want everyone to like me and shower me with comments. But I also don’t think I blog for me. Not necessarily. It seems more complicated than that, doesn’t it?

Blogging, to me, seems like a community effort. I write about things that I want to share, in order to hear shared responses. I guess I read some blogs to stay current on certain topics, others to hear new perspectives, some for a laugh, others to gain snippets of wisdom. But, mostly, I just enjoy sharing and hearing what else is shared. I’m intent on making a connection, mutually sharing ideas, and contributing to a community.


How about you? Why do you blog? And if you don’t, why do you read blogs?


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