by Liz on 10.17


This is pretty shameful, both for an English teacher and a lifelong bookworm.

I really don’t read much.

When I do find a book I’d like to read, I’ll devour it in a matter of days- if not hours. But lately, I’ve been struggling to find one worthwhile. Or maybe there are so many I want to read, I get overwhelmed and can’t decide and just abandon the cause. Or maybe my attention span has been shortened by internet articles and blogs. Who knows.

My first step will be to join this year’s, “One Book, One Philadelphia” and pick up Create Dangerously. Every single year for the last ten, I’ve planned to read along with the rest of the city and neglected to do so. There were a few years of college thrown in there, where reading time was scarce and consumed by required reading. And then there was that whole “wedding” thing and then “having a baby.” But really, is there EVER a valid excuse to not be reading?


So, this year. Create Dangerously.

Has anyone read it? Plan to read it? What other books am I missing in my gross laziness?

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