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by Liz on 12.15

Everyone’s doing it, right?

Gift guides in blogland sometimes give me the heebie-jeebies. Some of them seem to breed such hardcore materialism. Others, this crazy kind of one-ups-man-ship where each blogger wants to prove just how ‘in the know’ they are about the next big thing.

This list aspires to be neither of those things, but instead clue you in on a few good ideas and some really awesome folks who are working for themselves- some of them making handmade stuff, and some of it local to Philly! Because trust me. You really want to avoid that Walmart parking lot right now. Really.


1) patterned tea towel by Helen Rawlinson*. 2) beautiful thank you notes to have on hand by Ribbons & Bluebirds*. 3) a sweet painting by MaiAutumn**.


1) Philadelphian photography from Oh Snap! Art**. 2) austere letterpress business cards by CleanWash Letterpress**. 3) whiskey glasses for every mood by vital*.


1) t-shirt by Freelance Ain’t Free**. 2) invoices for Clients from Hell. 3) sturdy leather bag for laptop and sketches from Genuine Goods786*. 4) neat iPhone dock for business calls by Freeland Studios*.


1) nifty blocks from Perpetual Kid. 2) ‘Stop Snoring Bernard!’ by one of my favorite illustrators, Zachariah Ohora**. 3) cozy stuffed whale by tiny bear*.


1) chunky necklace by A Merry Mishap*. 2) the first season of Downton Abbey, so we can “oooh” over the costumes and gossip about the maids. 3) a soft suede clutch from Monday’s Child Vintage.


1) geometric necklace by Son of a Sailor*. 2) the book by the queen of Funny-Smart. 3) a nifty filing drawer from Sweet Elvy Dee** to keep all of those papers and things that smart people have.


1) a dramatic floral headband by TruLu Couture*. 2) a fun photoshoot with Lauren McGlynn, to add to her portfolio. 3) a t-shirt raising funds and awareness at Ugmonk.


1) that new book you may have heard of by Meg Keene. 2) a pretty little veil by One Little Dove*. 3) a sweet and sentimental brooch by Adorning Aglaea**.


1) a mom-and-baby photoshoot with Christy Tyler. 2) a sweet bunting to hang in baby’s room by Coco Sailore*. 3) a fancy diaper-bag-in-disguise by Peace, Love and Polka-dots*.




* = handmade!

**= local to Philly!


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