why we wed: kate.

by Liz on 12.21

Today’s Why We Wed is brought to us by Kate from KoruWedding. Coming up on her first anniversary, Kate reflects on what marriage has meant this first year, and what it means moving forward.

(photo by Timothy Glenn)


My then-boyfriend Rodney proposed to me during a long, winter walk on a deserted, snowy beach about two years ago.  It was as romantic & perfect as could be.  As we finished our walk holding hands, I thought of one of my favorite quotes from an unknown source:

“Hand in hand, we shall walk into every day of our lives.”

For that exact sentiment, I married the love of my life on another crisp, clear winter day almost one year ago.  I pledged all of my love for all of my life to the man who would love me, stand beside me & hold my hand on this crazy journey called life.

I have happily walked my path alone & I have wearily stumbled along my path with the wrong person.  Thankfully, Rodney came along & we walk together with purpose & strength.  No matter what comes our way, we are better together.  Darkness & light.  Good & bad.  Sunshine & rain.  Smiles & tears.  When we found something so precious & rare between us, it seemed obvious that we had to grab each other’s hand & take the leap of faith that is marriage.

Our marriage began with a moving ceremony during which we exchanged vows to love, honor & cherish each other for the rest of our lives, followed by a beautiful celebration with our family & friends.  It counts as the happiest day of my life.  My favorite memory is walking out of the church towards our future.   Hand in hand as the new Mr. and Mrs., big smiles on our faces & much love in our heart.

We’re at the tail end of our newlywed days & we’ve done our best to honor & uphold our vows every day.  Some days we are more successful than others.  But always, we are grounded by our vows & our love.  Rodney is my true love, my best friend, my biggest fan & my loudest cheerleader.  In short, he is everything to me & I am the same for him.  We may not know where our path leads but we will walk together.

One thing is certain: I will never let go of his hand.

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