and then rest.

by Liz on 01.19


Last week. Was. Killer.

In both senses of the word.


All of our recent hard work and planning came to a head in three different arenas. You’ll remember that we launched our biggest project yet– really, just a matter of putting a name and face to what we already do. But we also finalized the designs for my first line of Valentines (so difficult!! Do you know how HARD it is to design a Valentine without relying on saccharine, cheese or bad puns?!), and finally started screenprinting.

I guess that may not sound like a lot. But it certainly felt like it.


Each of these little projects has been in the works for awhile, but last week was GO TIME. And that translated to long workdays. Without realizing it, Josh and I would spend 10-12 hours hunched over our separate little desks. Suddenly, it would be 7pm and we’re both starving and the baby is rubbing sleepy eyes and I feel like I haven’t seen him all day. So, we take a break and eat a hurried dinner and cuddle a slightly neglected little boy and promise each other we’re done working for the day, before one of us starts sneaking in some work “really quick- this won’t take long.”

I don’t imagine that this is what “working from home” really looks like. Well, for one, I expect PAYCHECKS. Lots and lots of glorious paychecks. But I also expect that now that we’ve done the work to lay a few foundations, this week will have a lot more in store for us. Things like meals and breaks for starters. But also those walks to get coffee and picture books in the park that I bragged about when I first quit teaching.

I’m really, really looking forward to this week. There’s something so fulfilling about busting your butt to lay some plans, and then resting afterward, isn’t there? It’s one of those perfect balances in life- the one making the other more valuable. I don’t think I would like a life of just sitting still, but I also would crack if there was never a time to sit back and enjoy the work I’ve done.


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