by Liz on 01.30

Winter has officially set in and, in addition to bits of snow and a little ice, the air is sharp and chilly.

Totally destroying our desire to take “walks.”


Instead, we’ve taken to huddling around Netflix.

Oh, television. So cheap. So warm.


Lately, I’ve had a taste for British TV. All coincidentally, of course. Everyone raved about Downton Abbey and I fell in love with the intrigue, the gossip, the CLOTHES. Then came Luther and a slight crush on Idris Elba (tall, dark, and handsome: now featuring a great accent).

And now, we’ve moved on to Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. Once you get past the horrible logo (really?), it’s fantastic- especially if you, like me, no longer have access to cable and are suffering from Food Network withdrawal.

The only problem now is that our paltry little PB&J lunches and fried egg dinners seem a tad blander, by comparison.

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