by Liz on 02.13

Standards of living have slackened in the old Moorhead house these days. A combination of lacking money, lacking time and lacking creativity has landed us in a fattening food rut.

Back when Josh was still working full time and I was at home by myself with Little Josh all day, I enjoyed trying to piece together meals and snacks that were healthy and delicious and inexpensive all at once. It was like a tasty puzzle.We had a really modest monthly grocery budget, and still managed to eat pretty well.

Then, you know, job loss struck and our “modest budget” diminished to “nonexistent” and we were forced to eat only whatever was in the house. That meant our mostly fresh vegetable and whole grain diet got swapped for boxed pasta and frozen meat.


A few months and several pounds later, we’re both feeling sluggish and haven’t enjoyed food in awhile. Scraping to put together a meal out of whatever scraps are left in the cabinet isn’t exactly a fun or rewarding kind of puzzle. This extra weight and lethargy feels especially unfair because it wasn’t even enjoyably gained! It’s not like I went on a cheese fry binge or decided, screw it, I’m eating ice cream every day for breakfast. Not fair.


So, it’s time for some changes around here. I feel newly motivated to figure out some ways to get fresh vegetables on the table, and for awhile, we’re hoping to go totally veg to balance that steady intake of refined carbs and heavy meats.


Have you ever slipped into gross eating habits by no fault of your own?


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