how to be a woman.

by Liz on 03.05


Did anyone notice that the end of February came and went without another mention of Ms. Caitlin Moran?

I even had that extra Leap Day.


But! That just means a few extra days for you to have gotten the book and read it and form opinions on it, right?


The interesting thing about Caitlin Moran is that she clearly has an entirely different background than my own, but somehow, our opinions on The Big Things mostly seem to align. Talking to a few people who’ve read the book, I heard that some didn’t feel the same way. Caitlin’s description of her life, being so different from their own experiences, made them feel excluded from the rest of her thoughts. Did you feel that way?

My favorite chapters were I Encounter Some Sexism! and I Go Lap-dancing!- the latter being a chapter I expected to hate. I was surprised to agree with all of her points about strip club. I just now took a moment to try to find quotations from each to post up here for discussion, and realized I was typing out the majority of each chapter.


What did YOU think of the book?

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