moving. ish.

by Liz on 03.02

(Kate Spade pop-up apartment [that’s a thing?] via Fashionista, found on Pinterest)


We may be kind of moving a little bit.

Sort of.

Our apartment has had some weird things happen this year. From the collapse of the ceiling to some mystery mold, it’s been… interesting.

Now, it seems that our downstairs neighbors may be moving out, and our landlord has offered us the opportunity to swap apartments if they do. We won’t know until they know, and until then, I can’t stop scheming about all the new things I’d like to do.

Odd, considering their apartment has the exact same layout as ours.

Of course there are a few slight upgrades. For one, we’d be trading the nasty greige carpet for hardwood floors. (when did “greige” become a word? Didn’t that used to be TAUPE?) Also, swapping the linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom for actual tile. And a very big plus- our guests (particularly the older sort) wouldn’t be forced to climb narrow, steep stairs to visit us.

I guess it’s just nice to have an excuse to rip and renew, reconsider how things are arranged and interesting new ways to place what we already have. We don’t have any budget for new house things at ALL. I’d like to worry about furnishing the inside of my refrigerator first, ifyouknowwhatImean. But, I think sometimes the place can feel all fresh and new just by slapping some paint here and putting a vase of flowers there.

Meanwhile, I have all of these springtime urges to clean! and change! and rearrange! and I guess I’ll need to put them on hold until we finally get the “okay” from our friends downstairs.

Any good ideas on what I can change without actually, you know, spending money?

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