by Liz on 03.09

I happen to be a very sophisticated and high-maintenance sort of lady. I like to indulge myself in the finer things in life.

My current brand of self-indulgence is a monthly trip to the library. Decadent, yes?

The biggest benefit to getting books from the library (beside the whole FREE angle) has been the due dates. Those wonderful, wonderful due dates. Normally, I’m too busy and guilt-ridden to set aside time to do something I enjoy, just for me. But when I get that phone call from the library warning me that my book is due in three days, suddenly spending an entire day on the couch with a book and some coffee isn’t something to feel guilty about- it’s a necessity! It’s an obligation! I must read this book!

Tricky how that works, isn’t it?

Here’s the stack beside my laptop right now…


The Marriage Plot as recommended by Naurnie.

I had never read Middlesex, but after reading this, I’ve added it to my list. I’m only halfway through (so I can’t offer a full opinion) and already owe a 40cent fine. Whoops. So far, there’s talk of classic literature, philosophy, and sex. Which is to say, count me in.  (I’m not sure what Josh thinks this book is about, exactly. The other day he asked, “Are you still reading your marriage conspiracy book?”)


The Buddha in the Attic as recommended by Kerry.

I read this one in an hour flat on a rare Saturday morning when I woke before everyone else. (Normally, the baby is crying for breakfast and Josh is pulling me out of a cocoon of sheets by my ankles as I mumble, “Five more minutes…”) Moving and unsettling in the right ways, and the style made me go all English-teacher for a minute, rambling to Josh about the genius of its impact. Its brevity only adds to the power.


Love Wins just to see what all that buzz was about.

I haven’t started this one, but it’s partly because I’m dreading it. I want to be caught up on the (albeit months old) controversy and form an informed opinion. But I can’t stand the way Rob Bell writes. Every “sentence” isn’t a sentence. Fine, fine, I’m okay with that for stylistic reasons and emphasis, but when EVERY thought is punctuated by a one-word sentence? It reads like a stack of ads in a magazine.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) because I like funny-smart ladies.

I originally picked this one up so I’d have something light to cleanse my palate after Buddha, but that 40cent fine for The Marriage Plot is racking up quick!. So! Ms. Kaling is still waiting for me.


Have you read anything good lately? If you have a Goodreads account, find me! (quirkyliz) We can swap reviews and let one another know what we’re reading and generally be extra nerdy together.



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