by Liz on 04.09

We made a quick transition from fried eggs and buttered toast to smoothie breakfasts. Not a tough switch for me. When it gets warmer out, I crave fruity, light foods. However, I think Josh fancies himself some sort of lumberjack and doesn’t enjoy breakfast unless it comes with a side of heart failure.

Alas, I’m inexperienced in the smoothie realm. Fruit + pineapple juice + a spoon of Greek yogurt in a blender is the extent of my expertise. I know that means they’re probably not terrific health-wise, but have you ever heard of someone having a heart attack from some fruit and yogurt? Didn’t think so. Which means we’re doing just fine, in my book.

I hear people adding things like wheat germ and kale and spinach (to fruit smoothies? is this really a thing?), but I think maybe that’s just crazy talk. Hippies.

Anyone have any good tips or a fabulous smoothie that I must try RIGHT NOW?

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