by Liz on 07.23

(by Katie Henry)


Lately, I’ve begun to notice that my dreams seem to have very forthright meanings. Bold, hard-edged.

I’ve always been the kind of person who dreams vivid dreams that I confuse with reality and easily remember the next day. In my dreams, I’m not simply floating, watching the story unfold. I’m an active character in the plot.

Some of my more recent dreams involve piles of money. Josh and Little J are both there, and we have some exciting plan (a different one in each dream) but we can’t afford to do it. Then, I stumble upon money! Just lying in the street, or handed to me by a stranger or hiding in a corner of the house! We gather it all together and only once we begin counting do I notice that each bill says “ZERO DOLLARS.” Hm.

Another common theme in my dreams is unpreparedness. It’s the the evening before a major holiday, the morning of my first day at a new job,┬áthe night of a big show or it’s right before my wedding and not only am I (naturally) naked, and unable to find anything nearby to wear, but I’m completely unprepared. Christmas presents aren’t bought, lines aren’t rehearsed, all of my books and papers are at home.

I also dream about stairs often. Stairs that are terrifying in some way, whether steep and difficult to climb, or spaced far apart with wide caverns between. I’m usually paralyzed by fear, sitting on one of the steps and trying to force myself to climb to the next but for some reason, my legs and arms are heavy and stiff and I feel clumsy, trying to make any movement.


If I were to get all hyper-analytical, I think I could easily see some symbolism in these dreams. Do you think dreams have meaning? I honestly just don’t believe that my subconscious is that smart.




The title of this post got both this song and this song both stuck in my head, intermittently. If the same happened to you, I apologize. But to make it up to you, allow me to redirect you to this song, via Naurnie.

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