gift guide: acquaintances.

by Liz on 11.26

After all the fun I had putting together last year’s gift guide, I maaaybe went a little overboard this year. So, rather than just one day of gifting, it’s gonna be gift guides all week long. Whoops.

To get rolling, let’s get the hard folks out of the way. Acquaintances. Your coworker, your next door neighbor, that nice older friend of your parents who always sends a check on your birthday, but you don’t know all that well. It’s really hard to shop for those guys, isn’t it? Here’s a bunch of nice stuff that’s thoughtful without being too personal, and fancy without being too expensive- all of it from small businesses, most of them selling handmade goods, and many local to dear Philly.


Betsy Ann Paper Gift Set Catbird Candle Block Printed Linen Towels Whimsy & Spice Maple Marshmallow High Street Market Etched White Tail Deer Wooden Box Spodee - Wine with a Kick Peg & Awl - Spice Set


[1] fruit squares*, $24.50 [2] stationery gift set*, $27

[3] campfire candle, $32 [4] etched wooden box*, $24 [5] spodee wine*, $8

[6] eggnog spice rack*, $60

[7] linen snowflake napkins*, $38 [8] maple marshmallows, $6.50

*marks Philadelphia shops and products

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