gift guide: guys and dolls.

by Liz on 11.27

We do not buy “needs” for Christmas in my house.

Growing up, there was always that wrapped up pair of tube socks or value-pack of Hanes Her Way tucked under the tree, hiding among all of the actually fun presents. I sort of think it’s sneaky to slip in those things. “Here’s something you were going to buy yourself anyway,” doesn’t seem to fit the spirit for me.

I solemnly vowed to never allow the same in my house. So, sure. Our Christmas presents are things we’ll use. And yes, Christmas has been a ready excuse to replace some ripped jeans on occasion. But, in general, we like to veer toward the special. The “things-you-wouldn’t-buy-yourself.” For both the ladies and gents.

Duke & Winston - Boathouse Row Candle Sage Waxed Canvas Wallet American Mortals - Rev-O-Lotion Masters of None - Textiles Coaster Pack Two Paperdolls Shop - 2013 Moustache Calendar Art in the Age - Bone Inlay Pocket Knife Monocle Chain Smart Ties - Vintage Blue & White Pattern Necktie Right Soap - Men's Shaving Soap


[1] gingham flannel bandana, $51 [2] classic textile coasters*, $30 [3] letterpress mustache calendar*, $28

 [4] rev-o-lotion*, $21, available here

[5]  waxed canvas wallet, $31.50, [6] pocket knife monocle*, $99 [7] vintage tie*, $12

[8] boathouse row candle*, $24 [9] shaving soap, $6

Made By Hank - Hand Made Clutch Speakeasy for Women Lenora Dame - Pearl Strand Giant Dwarf - Twinkle Sparkler Pair Bee Vintage Redux - Floral Collage Cuff Sunshine and Carousels - Miss Joan Headband Monday's Child - Vintage Mink Shawl


[1] gem cut earrings*, $18 [2] black and white clutch*, $40 [3] speakeasy perfume, $85

[4] not your mother’s pearl necklace*, $105 [5] onyx twinkle hair pins*, $18 [6] rose cuff bracelet*, $41

[7] green velvet headband, $12 [8] ivory mink shawl

* marks Philadelphia businesses.

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