gift guide: husband who works from home.

by Liz on 11.18

Working from home together means my husband and I spend a lot of time together. A lot a lot. This year, I’d like to get him a bunch of things that could make his workday easier, since he’s stuck with me hovering over him all day. And this guide (like most of em that I do) has an emphasis on small businesses- especially those that are local to Philly, which is something else that small-business-owning, Philadelphian husband would like.husband-guide

1. coffee $12.50 / 2. secret codes notebook $10
3. wooden watch $150 / 4. screen printed poster $15 / 5. wallet $30
6. book subscription $25
7. planner $15 / 8. tee (that contributes to a great cause) $28 / 9. typography game $20

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