gift guide: kiddo who suddenly loves all the science things.

by Liz on 11.04

Gift guides!

I’m doing those again. It’s hard for me to find time to dump words over here, but buying stuff- that’s something I have to do this time of year anyway. May as well share all the goodies I find, yeah?

The kids are surprisingly fun to shop for. I don’t know if it’s Little J’s age or all the cool kid stuff that’s out there, but I’m constantly finding things I want to grab for him, stuff that just seems to yell his name.

His big thing lately is the classic, “Why?” that you always hear about with 4 year olds. It’s less of the annoying, “why why why” (okay, there’s a little of that), more genuine interest in how things work. Long conversations about outer space, watching Youtube videos of different kinds of storms, reading library books about dinosaurs, pulling apart the flashlight to see what makes it click- not always convenient, but all the same, pretty exciting to watch this kid figure out the world around him.


1. felt banner $25 / 2. electric paper airplane $17 / 3. space poster $30
 4. catapult kit $20 / 5. pocket scope $15 / 6. space book $16 / 7. balance blocks $48
8. tee $32 / 9. temporary tattoos $15
10. dino $15 / 11. weather lab $28

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