gifts for lovaaahs.

by Liz on 01.15

Maybe it makes us cheeseballs, but yeah. Josh and I typically give one another Valentine’s Day gifts. We figured out the hard way that we’re not really expensive-prix-fixe-in-a-crowded-restaurant people (though I really like any excuse for eating out). But we are small-thoughtful-token people (and then day-after-discounted-candy people, too).

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas this year- all from small businesses (mostly from the Philly area!).

1. chocolates by John & Kira, $32 | 2. kiss letterpress 1940′s postcards by Three Potato Four, $24 (available Jan 20th)

3.  love token necklace by Anna Beau, $60 | 4. arrow tie bar by I Adorn U, $35 | 5. “I love you” card by Betsy Ann Paper (natch), $4

6. pair of vintage champagne coupes from Home, $8-10 each | 7. sweetheart crown by Giant Dwarf, $48 (only available til Feb 1st!)




by Liz on 01.13

(a fabulous new book gifted to me from Jacqueline of The Hourglass Files)

I have demands.

I want to make a big fancy resolution to start reading more buuuuut if I’m gonna go to all the trouble of bettering myself or whatever, I don’t think it’s very fair that I ALSO need to do some active legwork to find whatever books I’m going to read.

So whatcha got? What’re you reading right now? What’s the best thing you’ve read lately? PS, are you on Goodreads?


I hemmed and hawed for a bit before publishing this because, “BOOKS, GIMME” really felt like a phoning-it-in post, but you know something? It’s not. I really, really want new reading material and you guys always have amazing recommendations. Swear it!







by Liz on 01.09

2013 was a fickle year.

I like when I can close out a year and definitively declare it “good!” or “bad!” I’m a person of blacks-and-whites and very little grays, and if I can, I’d rather vilify an entire 12 months rather than shrug that it was “alright.”

But 2013 doesn’t let me do this. It instead offered unexpected high points, and devastating low, with several solid months of square-in-the-middle.

If I strain, peeking back through the Good, the Bad and the Middling, I can make out a pretty solid theme. A theme of unanticipated, kick in the face surprise.

The low points were very unexpected, probably contributing to their being so low. Similarly, the brightest highlights of the year were things that I’d have never imagined for myself just awhile back. They made perfect sense right there in 2013, after 2012 and so on. Looking backward, it’s obvious that I took this step, and that one followed. But teenage Liz, or even early-twenties Liz, wouldn’t have foreseen any of this, let alone set it as a goal.

So my resolutions will be mundane. I’ll halfheartedly try to eat better. I’ll place that Jillian Michaels DVD by the television, just in case one day as I pass I’ll get some rush of motivation to pop it in. I’ll spend this afternoon reserving a slew of books in the library that’ll all arrive at once and go unread, anyway. I, myself, am predictable and boring. But there’s a good chance 2014 won’t be.